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Files : Incubation.zip [ ] / Incubation-hiddenworlds.zip [ ]
Size : 39 MB / 27 MB
Version : 1.03 / 1.03
Author : Blue Byte
Bug : none
Download : Incubation.zip / Incubation-hiddenworlds.zip

Installation : this game comes as a self-extracting .rar archive and *MUST* be installed to 'C:\Bluebyte\Incubation'. DblClick 'Bluebyte.exe'. It will ask where you want to install. Make sure that the field reads 'c:\'. The archive should create the rest of the folder structure itself. If you look in the 'C:\Bluebyte\Incubation' folder you will see 3 files that end with the .reg extension. These are registry entries. They must now be installed so that the game knows where to find it's files. Depending on how your system is configured you can either DblClick on each of the files in turn or RClick on each of the files in turn and select "Merge" from the Context menu that appears. They can be deleted after they have been installed. For Playing the game, DblClick on 'Incubation.exe' to start the game.

Notes : US and European versions have various titles : "Incubation - Time Is Running Out" or "Incubation" (U.S.) and "Incubation - Battle Isle Phase Four" (European). Incubation was also released in a limited edition, which included a bonus disc called "Incubation - Hidden Worlds" and a soundtrack CD, featuring music from Incubation, Archimidean Dynasty and Extreme Assault. The Hidden Worlds CD collected all the free extra levels from Bluebyte ('Larynx', 'Stratagem', Debaser', Embolus', 'Capstanio', 'Sentinel', 'X'mas') as well as three extra, exclusive levels : 'Subterranean', 'Tract Sphere' and 'Imperium Post'. All these levels are playable through the game's 'Instant Action' mode. You find all these levels in "Incubation - The wilderness missions" too.

Contents :
- Lead a squad of up to 10 space marines, skilfully planning and playing over 30 missions within the dimly lit and complex passagways of the colony city, Scay'Hallwa.
- Squad members gain experience and develop into skilled, experienced soldiers by surviving missions and racking up kills.
- Battle an assortment of vicious man-eating Scay'Ger, with 12 weapons and 17 armors and supplies.
- 12 different monsters to fight against.
- 30 different soldiers can be equiped with all the items availables in 5 specially designed singleplayer levels.
- Up to 4 players can lead their own squads in a battle to the death on a LAN, over the Internet, on the same single PC or via play-by-mail (PBM) in the 16 specially designed multiplayer levels.

Minimum configuration :

Pentium® 90
16 MB of RAM
2 MB video card (DirectX 5.0 compatible)
Windows® 9x (does not work in DOS)
DirectX 5.0


'Time is running out' box
(english & german version)

'Time is running out' box
(french version)

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